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    Forum Moderator Application Form

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    Forum Moderator Application Form

    Post  Zync on Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:27 am

    The followings are the basic reqirements:
    1. Please think it over that you are able to spare your time and energy to affairs of a Moderator.

    2. Moderator application approval does not merely depend on what you post in our forums.

    3. Moderator is required to be online frequently to manage his/her forum, regulate, keep the forum under control and solve problems.

    4. Moderator does not need to be online 24 hours 7 days a week, but he/she is required to be online at least 3-4 days a week for a few hours or minutes a day. If you will be occupied for a couple of days, please inform an Administrator by private message to let Administrator arrange others to manage your forum for you.

    5. During management, moderator should not delete posts, ban IP or make posts sticky at will. This excludes if it is a necessary action.
    Please use the fmapp format for your application.

    1. What is your real name? (Full name please)

    2. How mature do you believe yourself to be? (Scale out of 1-10)

    3. Are you familiar with the forum's functions?

    4. How active are you willing to be?
    - As stated above, contact an Admin ahead of time if you believe you will be inactive during a specific time frame.

    5. What is your past experience towards being forum moderator? (None also counts as an answer!)

    6. If you were to gain this position, would you treat everyone equally on the forum, friend or not?

    7. What qualities do you possess that can be beneficial to Zencraft?

    8. Why should we pick you to be a Forum Moderator?

    *By filling out this application, you are accepting the fact that you will be active and attentive to your assignment if you are hired.*

    NOTE*Must read*: Do not ask for benefits or of that kind, you are volunteering to help. You may be rewarded depending on your contributions.

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