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    Do not fear, Fluxxie in here !



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    Do not fear, Fluxxie in here !

    Post  Fluxxie on Fri Feb 20, 2009 12:48 pm


    Im Fluxxie (real name Kevin).... Verry talk active person =) Im 18 years old, Live in the netherlands (Yes that super small country next to the USA... No im just kidding Razz its a small country in Europe Wink )
    I am not new to wow, But im not an expert yet... I play wow for about 1 year now, so not so long. Have played retail but i got stuck at level 49... as i was more of a social person that liked playing PvP instead of hardcore grinding and lvling to 70 (Now it will be lvl 80... but i did not have WOTLK). My school marks droped from high to medium so... I decided to quit wow, but now im back and i dont want to pay anymore so private it will be. I also played on VCN and some other overcrowded server but did not like it so i went to a lower ranked servers and found you guys, and it seemed like a realy nice server.

    my hobbys are: Webdesign and some logo/Sig design but mainly webdesign. Also i play alot of rugby as it is a rough sport and im good at it =) so im not the average wow playing guy as im realy fit and have a good stamina. Then what i hate most is those silent playing people that do not want to talk back, I'm the opposit so if you want a chat Im allways in for it !

    I used to play bf2 on a high level (Nation level) but... got bored so i play for fun these days, and help nubs clans to get hight =)

    Then some other info:
    I have Xfire, So if anyone else has it add zzzkevinzzz. But please say you are from here as i have alot of "fans" that add me all the time (about 10 a week >.> )

    And my MSN is, No i dont have AIM / Yahoo or w/e it is Smile

    Happy pwning,

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    Re: Do not fear, Fluxxie in here !

    Post  iGnome on Sat Feb 21, 2009 4:00 am

    Welcome to ZenCraft Smile

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    Re: Do not fear, Fluxxie in here !

    Post  Zen on Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:00 pm

    Welcome Kevin =] And thanks for choosing our server! We need more players xD


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    Re: Do not fear, Fluxxie in here !

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