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    [GUIDE] How to downgrade!

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    [GUIDE] How to downgrade!

    Post  Zync on Fri Feb 06, 2009 7:39 pm

    Hello, as aforementioned, this is a guide for downgrading your version of WoW to the necessary version required to use this server. This will be very simple and quick, and most of all, user-friendly.

    First, find your directory path to the "World of Warcraft" folder.
    Ex: (C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft)

    Then you want to open your Data folder (C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data) to find all your .MPQ files(large files that make up WoW.) Be cautious when modifying your files in here or you will mess everything over more than you want it to be.

    Find your patch.MPQ file, we are only focusing on this file for it being the smallest of the .MPQ files. You will delete that, after that's done, go back into your main WoW directory and search for a "Repair" Icon/Button. Click that and then click Reset and Check Files- after this is clicked you will get a message telling you that your WoW client has been severly damaged. Confirm the prompt and repair.

    After that is done repairing, re-patch from wherever you're WoW client has reversed. Do not install the latest patch, but the specific patch required for this server.

    3.0.9(9551).(This is only the current patch needed, it will not always be this. Please check every so often in the announcements section to find out what patch it's on.)

    After following this guide, you should be set. Don't forget to set your realmlist to the ZenCraft's realmlist since it will reset to the Blizzard servers upon major patches.

    Note:You may check back here to find out which patch the server is currently running on. I will always revise this every once and awhile. Also, when you need to update your WoW client version, you will find launcher.exe in your WoW directory(C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft.)
    - Zync

    EDIT BY ZEN: Also, make sure to make a shortcut to your wow.exe in your wow derictory.=OSorry for editing your edit!

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